Wednesday, October 12, 2005


Q) What is the complete name of JAG?
A) Juge-avocat general.

Q) Which army corps was represent in the tv show JAG?
A) The American marines are represent in JAG.

Q) What was the accusation in this épisode?
A) When seventeen U.S. Marines lose their lives in a mysterious explosion, Harm and Bud are sent to the Marines hometown of Kresge, Oklahoma to act as the Legal Assistance Emergency Response Team

Q) Where was the action on this episode?
A) this episode was in Oklahoma and in Iraq

Q) Who are the principal actors in JAG?
A) the principal actors are:
David James Elliott in the role of Commander Harmon ''Harm'' Rabb, Jr.
Catherine Bell in the role of Lt. Colonel Sarah ''Mac'' Mackenzie
Patrick Labyorteaux in the role of Lieutenant Commander Bud Roberts
Scott Lawrence in the role of Commander sturgis Turner
And , Zoé McLellan in the role of Petty Officer Jennifer Coates

Monday, September 26, 2005

Malcolm in the Middle

In this episode, Malcolm’s mother decided to boycott, with her family, Luigi’s pizzeria. The problem here is that Malcolm and his family go to this pizzeria every Wednesday so the pizza is like a drug for them. Malcolm’s two little brothers and his father did everything they coued to eat this delicious pizza. During this time, Malcolm saw Angela, his girlfriend, with her parents and siblings. But Malcolm had a little problem, he loved Angela and he loved another girl at same time. Malcolm had to make a choice. With which girl would he like to invite to the autumn dance at his school? That’s what happened in this episode
120 words.

Monday, September 12, 2005

Malcolm in the Middle

Malcolm in the Middle
Sunday 3 o’clock
On Global

Malcolm in the Middle

Malcolm is a young teenager. He is 16 years old and he goes to high school. He lives with his parents, his three brothers and the girlfriend of his older brothers. His older brother goes to a military school and he gets married in few months. His other older brother goes to the same school as Malcolm and he terrifies him. His younger brother does anything not to go to school and sometimes he dances on the street to earn money money. In Malcolm in the Middle, Malcolm confronts many misadventures and he tries to resolve his problems. Malcolm in the Middle plays on Global at three o’clock on Sunday.